Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 7

Love comes in three forms, may I mention, all of which are boundless?
Most of them with reason, except the last, that’s boundless.

The first, the only one that must be exclusive,
is difficult to describe, the feeling quite allusive.  
But if I might try I would say its just like magic.
Meant for the brave, for only a true maverick.

The next, similar to the first but with a different purpose.
When truly demonstrated, this only leaves you wordless.
Known as a friendship, this relationship is the “lean on me” kind.
This person will act as your cane or your dog if you ever go blind.
This person is next to you when you are sick.
When you’re down they give you a kick.

The last is a like the one between a daddy and his princess.
More than the rest this one is truly never endingly boundless.
Unlimited and groundless.
Forever and doubtless.
Miss beautiful Rebecca, This is the love I feel for you.
I wanted to tell you, because I didn’t know if you knew.
Love is unique.

I hope you know I love you on day 7, and day 70, and day 700, and day 7000, and just to be safe day 70000. Dearly beloved, I can't wait to see thee.

By the way I think a congrats is in order because a week is really really hard to achieve.


  1. I don't even know what to say.

  2. You are truly an amazing person. <3