Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 15

Just as a foreword, I wanted to tell you I did not forget about the three days you were on kairos, rather I wish to share them with you at the baseball game so we can have questions to talk about!!!

Today you came back from a trip that changes people. What are the essential elements of changing an individual or guiding the change (other than the person wanting to change)? What pushed you to change and want to stop destructive behavior? Most importantly and the biggest question, what have you changed?


  1. You have to do more than want to change. You have to know your reasons. You have to know you are changing because it is right, and not for or because of someone else. You have to know that no matter what the circumstances, you would keep making the change anyway.

    The first thing that pushed me to stop was you. Now, however, I have made my own decisions.

    I've changed a lot. Some things I've only made the decision to change and haven't made them yet, but here are a few of both categories. I've changed how I look at the things in my life that I value. I've changed how I look at myself because I will not put up with anything less than I deserve anymore. I have changed how I look at God. I've changed my expectations, but not my standards. I've changed how I look at people in terms of who they are, WHAT they are, and what they're worth to me. I've changed my outlook on school. I've changed in the way that I want to be more honest, it's just that there are fewer people that I am going to be honest with (in terms of my thoughts, not the truth).
    And the rest of the changes I guess you'll have to figure out for yourself.

  2. Just as an epilogue, I don't believe you.