Friday, May 27, 2011

For my Rebecca: Day 17

Today I had a discussion with someone on whether faith and reason can go hand and hand. I explained that they could and he asked if I had reason and logic how could it still be faith. So my question to you is at what point do faith and reason collide? And does having reason and logic mean that believe is no longer faith? Finally, how can you have more faith in God?
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  1. You are too nice, you already did a Day 17!! :) :) :)

    Ahh, this is one that I've heard a LOT about, but never really understood. First off, it's pretty easy to discuss basic things about our religion using reasoning - thus the Logical Proofs & such. Sometimes people don't believe in miracles, saying that they are "pure chance" even when it is IMPOSSIBLE for the occurence to have happened. I love what my Dad says on this: "Well, if you put 1000 monkeys in front of 1000 keyboards for 1000 years, one of them might write Hamlet. But LOGICALLY, it's better to accept that Shakespeare actually wrote it."

    There is, however, a point when the two do collide. But that's exactly what faith is all about. In Hebrews 11:1, the Bible says that "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Hope is such a beautiful part of our religion and it really defines faith. It would be so easy to believe if we were all like Thomas and could put our hand into Christ's side.

    Faith and logic may seem to conflict, but really they go hand in hand. In 7th Grade my science teacher really stressed that "Biology is amazing. It's amazing because evolution has allowed for these birds to be created and affect the life cycle and put the rain forest into place and interact with other animals and the ecosystem....and it's amazing because of how God has caused this to be." That really explains it better than anything else I can think of.

    Oh geez, having more faith. It's hard! I know you know what I mean. I think because we're humans, sometimes proof really does help us to believe. The proof that is usually the most effective is the love we feel with God, those moments when you just know He's there. I know how I can get that - two words: the rosary. But it's SO HARD for me to say it for some reason! It yields the most amazing results but it's so tough.

    So there is another long novela for you to read in response to your (seemingly) simple questions :)