Monday, May 30, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 20

Jesus.... what a powerful word. This single word is one that has been used as an excuse for war, killing, and pain. People use this as their reason for why they do horrific things. Do you ever use God as an excuse as for why you can or cannot do something (good  or bad)?

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  1. The bad? I'm sure I have, even though as i've thought about this question for the past day I can't seem to recall any certain specifics. Probably something along the lines of getting out of doing something.

    Or telling my teachers that homework is against my religion. :) Which is hard at a "Catholic" school.... :-/

    But as for good, that is seriously the reasons I overcame OCD. That was pretty awesome. I used a love of God as a tool against it and God in turn gave me the strength to succeed in one of the most difficult battles I've ever fought.

    Perhaps a superficial reason is asking to be good at something and saying (justifying?) that I could use that talent for God. Like, "Oh, God, please let me be able to sing so I can do musicals, but then I'll join a church choir and write music for you."

    On the flip side, I think it's frustrating how people link EVERYTHING remotely moral to God. (I mean, it is, but not in the way that I mean). You know those people that are all, "Oh, you won't cheat on a test or go over the speed limit, that's just because you're Catholic." Drives. Me. Nuts.
    ^^ Random :P

    I think the thing that worries me most is I really want to just do what God wants for me because then at least I can be at peace with whatever decisions I'm making or whatever seemingly bad things happen in my life. What I really struggle with on this point is when I pray, I never know if the answer I'm getting is really what God is telling me or if it is just what I want to hear. Then I look for God's answers in other things and think maybe I'm reading too deeply into something that God didn't meant to be there.

    God is a reason for a lot of things. I'm glad he's the reason for our relationship.