Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 21

Lies... they are dirty little things told by people to keep an image, concept, or thought alive. But as beautiful as they seem they are much like this tree named the umpas tree. This tree, no matter, how beautiful it may seem, destroys everything around it. What lies do you tell yourself or others in order to keep your christian fire burning (none may be an acceptable answer)?
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  1. I really feel like when it comes to a fire of Christ, lies aren't really involved too much with me.

    But I feel like that's an easy answer....I think this is something that I struggle a lot with, wondering what God is telling me and what I am telling myself - if I'm lying to myself by telling myself what I want to hear and justifying it by saying it allows a Chrstian fire witha relationship with God. Kind of what I said yesterday.

    So I thought maybe one day you'd answer these questions yourself, buecause I want to see if my guesses aabout what some of your responses might be are right :)