Monday, May 16, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 6

Rebecca, you saved my everlasting life. I don't know if you know the ramifications behind that. You have literally saved me. So here is my question for you today, I know what lead me to Christ... but what lead you to Him? I know this is a hard question, but dig really deep and find out. Don't accept complacency as an answer as to why.

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  1. This IS really hard. I've been led to Christ so many times by so many different things! So I guess I'll just have to say the most prominent times.

    One time that really brought me to Christ was Quest XXI. That was the Quest we attended as retreatants together. That was absolutely lifechaning. I'm so glad we go to experience that together. I still remember you lifting the ladybug out of my hair on the beach and watching it fly away :)

    Then last year was really hard a lot of the time. I'm sure you've noticed, but when you walk into school, up by the chapel is an image of Jesus with the words "Jesus I Trust in Thee." Seeing that every monring really worked wonders for me. I just had to realize that I need to let whatever needs to happen, happen and to be completely open to God's will - and that things will get better.

    Work camp and youth group are also some pretty influential times, as well as the rosary (it makes me soooo unbelievably faith-filled. I wish I had the grace to say it more). But one thing that really led me to Christ was attending Mass together for those few times, just the two of us. (Remember that Spanish Mass? :) ) That was such a beautiful thing for my faith because I could sit there in the presence of God with you and think, here I am, God. We're bringing our relationship, to you. Here it is. And I could feel absolutely amazing knowing that we had nothing to fear showing our relationship to God. It was so, so, so beautiful. I mentioned this to you but I always meant to tell you all of this and I don't know why I never did. Those times seriously brought me so much closer to Christ. And I still feel like that now, with our relationship. It's a beautiful thing. Indescribable.

    So there are the moments that really stand out in my mind. Funny how much you popped up in there....<3 I'm sure there are more times I haven't mentioned, and I 'm also sure that these won't be the last things that really lead me to God.

    And thank God for that :) Here's to future memories.