Saturday, May 21, 2011

For my Rebecca: Day 10

In the heavy silence before the crash, I felt the adrenaline flush through my body. Something unlike anything ever before. And I think it was the silence that forced my body to feel like that. It was the uncomfortable factor that comes with silence. We, as humans, hate silence. The issue with this is that we quite often hear God best in silent; the time where we silence our lips and our souls. Do you find silence in your busy life? Do you like silence? I know you hate being home alone, but do you ever take advantage of the silence and notice that you're really not home alone?
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  1. Besides the unfortunate fact that I ALWAYS seem to be talking ;) I always seem to never be in silence....
    I like silence, but I don't like it. It's the same with being alone. I literally spend 90% of my time at home by myself in my room. And yet it bothers me when I know that no one is downstairs....for hours....
    Because then it IS silent, no matter how much music I play...and the reason I hate it so much is because when I'm alone in that kind of silence, it's just me and my thoughts. And my thoughts scare me. A lot.

    The funny thing is until you said that I never really thought about it like that until you said (wrote) it like that. I should really use that time to focus on my realtionship with God. I think my problem is a lot of the time I'm too embarrassed to talk to in, I just feel like I've made too many mistakes and I don't want to talk to him and admit them. You know?
    Idk...maybe a weird thing.

    On another note, I think the camp went, all things considered, pretty well. I know at times it was frustrating when the kids couldn't really get the hang of it but if you look at where they were at the beginning, and where they were at the end, they came a LONG way. There's a reason you love teaching :) People like what they're good at.
    Don't forget you're awesome <3