Saturday, May 28, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 18

Today someone told me that I have an option: store your treasure on earth or in heaven for you may not bare both gifts. I think you want to store your's in heaven, but how will you do that? And what is YOUR treasure?
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  1. Another difficult question.

    I know I want to store mine in heaven, which really I guess is about refusing to succumb to instant gratification. When I make decisions that affect my future - whether it be colleges, friendships, spur-of-the moment choice, what I do on weekends, or other relationships - I also need to keep in mind not just the "big picture" on Earth but the REAL "big picture."

    The only thing I can really think of at the moment is what has been in my mind the last couple of days, which is the decisions I will make (or rather, not make) with future boyfriends. That's going to be really hard for me (I know you know how that is). But I really feel that one day, it will pay off. Especially in the "big picture."

    Not quite sure what you mean by what is my treasure. I guess what virtues? Well a conclusion I have come to is that while I may at times be obnoxious, dramatic, talkative, or selfish, one thing I absolutely will keep intact for God, for myself, and for my future husband is purity. I know this point seems redundant but I've been doing a lot of thinking.

    I hope I answered those OK. I wasn't really sure what you were looking for.