Saturday, May 21, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 11

Today was great. The camp was fun, student were enjoyable, my coteacher was awesome! But  I couldnt stop thinking... "How does this glorify God?" Yes, it was fun, but was it something only something for us? How do we glorify God in our actions?

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  1. As far as incorporating God into the camp, I thought we didn't completely ignore Him as we said prayer and you even managed to put in a few religious videos. Of course, I'm not saying we did all that we could - or should - have, but don't feel like it was a pagan ritual :)

    That being said, I think the most important way we can glorify God at this point is through our actions. When these kids come to the camp or to the team or just to Manogue, we're people older than them that share a common interest. In a way we really need to strive to set a good example. You never know what effect it can have. I'll be Maz never thought I would adore him as much as I did when I came to Manogue. These kids probably have a level of respect for you now. Take is an opportunity. All of us should. Let's live the values we keep saying and live out those Christian values. Let's make the Speech and Denate team one of the TRUE Catholic components of Manogue.

    I like how this links back to God with everything every day. I know I ramble on here but it genuinely gets me thinking :)