Thursday, June 9, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 30

Today was about going separate ways. Most the seniors will never see eachother again. What happens when you go separate ways with God how do you get him back?
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  1. Have you ever seen Mrs. Smeath's drawing of this? (Sorry if I already told you about this).

    As you know she decided to go separate ways with God for a few years. So she draws two dots right next to each other - one is her and one is God. Then she draws a line from her dot moving away from God - back, up, down, and sideways, in loops and zigzags.
    But eventually, years later, the line connects to God.
    Then she looks at us and says, "Look at where I was at the beginning (pointing to the dot originally right next to God's dot). Now wouldn't it have been easier to go that short distance to God then go this way (she points to the whole complicated and long line)?"

    I know that story didn't really answer the question but it seemed relevant :)

    Well, when you think you go separate ways with God, I guess the easiest way to get Him back (although you never really lost him) is through prayer (yes, I am a hypocrite).
    The easier way, of course, is to do something group-related with God...a retreat, a seminar, a work camp. I guess it's easier to find God when you're surrounded by people you can see Him in.