Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 29

I thought todays suprise was awesome! I always look forward to your suprises! Today I was talking to the Cobb and we were talking about how words and action must coincide. If they don't coincide how do you change that?
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  1. I can't use my computer tonight so I'll post my real answer tomorrow (my phone allows limited amounts of text). But basically what it comes down to is this: you just gotta grow a pair and do what you say you're going to do :) but my real response tomorrow.

  2. So for my real answer :)

    Well...when words and action don’t coincide....that means to fix that one of the two things must change: the words or the action. Often the words seem to reflect our actual intentions....the promises, the goals, the trusted statements....and the actions are when we fall to temptation and momentary weakness. Or, even worse, the intention isn’t even behind the words we are saying, and we are merely saying them to get a desired reaction even though we intend to do differently in our actions later.
    If that makes any sense so far.

    So like I said, one of the two things must change – the words or the action. And in the case that our words coincide with the good or just intentions, it makes sense that (usually) it is the action that must change.

    So it really means just doing what you say you’re going to do. Following through on those verbal things you commit to. And not breaking the promises you make.

    I guess what it really comes down to is honesty. Truth. So I guess the answer for how to change that, is to man up and stop lying. In words, and in actions. In this way it applies to so many things....not directly lying, of course, but also, not allowing to your body to make promises that your soul and mind aren’t keeping (if you’ve seen Jason Evert’s talk on this). Which relates directly to our challenge here. :)

    I wish I had been there for that conversation with Mr. Cobb. We’ve had some interesting ones ourselves.