Sunday, June 5, 2011

For My Rebecca: Day 26

Sometimes you just have to take huge chances, no matter how far fetched. Today I applied for a job, one that I probably won't get (text me and I'll tell you what it was :) .) I'm not sure what I was thinking! What chances have you taken? What chances will you take in the future? Why?

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  1. I've taken some chances in the relationships that I'm forming and the plans I'm trying to make for my life. I'm taking some creative chances recently too.

    I guess as far as the future is concerned I need to take more risks in general. For one I need to really get around to trying to have more creative success. I'm going to take more chances with the relationships that I have, in many areas.

    I guess taking chances can be hard because a) more often than not you have to rely on other people and b) you have to be fully ready to find that you might fail.

    I am so excited about the chance that you have taken. More discussion on this later :)